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We have labels and we have chutney!

  Yes, we are truly on our way …. we have new lovely, shiny labels, thanks to Silverleaf designs and next week we will be labeling up all of our lovely jars of chutneys and jams. We now have seven varieties (which you can peruse in our buy section of the site) and all are made […]

We have a logo!

and we’re very excited by it! Labels are now being printed and we are ready to go go go for our first selling opportunity at Blink Pop Up on 16 and 17 November at Hornsey Parish Church, Cranley Gardens N10. Many thanks to the wonderful James from Silverleaf Designs who has designed the logos and […]

Apples, seed funding and goodness.

This week was a good week for Accumul8 (there’s no stopping the goodness of this project) because 1. The lovely people from Tikkun Olam (which means “Healing the World” in Hebrew) have provided seed funding for Accumul8 (the puns are endless here!). This support means that Accumul8 can plan ahead into the new year – […]

The Earl Haig Hall comes up trumps!

Twitter is a strange beast sometimes, and sometimes you get that little asterisk on that little blue birdy and it turns into something lovely. The Earl Haig Hall on Elder Avenue, Crouch End, is about to reopen as a social club and they want to sell Accumul8 chutneys and jams. What’s more they have brilliantly […]

Branding, MP’s in a pub and an apple education.

On Thursday evening, the wonderful James Bridgman, who is a fellow co-director of The Crouch End Festival, came and met with Accumul8 attendees at the YMCA to help work out the branding and identity for the project. It was really interesting to discuss the “personality” of Accumul8, the message we wanted to convey and how we […]

Yippee – we’re in chutney-making business!

Yesterday, Daniel, Garfield and I spent the afternoon making green tomato, apple and ginger chutney. It was a mammoth adventure of chopping, weighing, cooking, stirring and potting. All done in a military (ish) fashion, with a few jokes and no major disasters. Daniel has become an expert in chopping (but not onions) and Garfield has […]

Pear and Vanilla Cake

With some of the left-over pears from last week’s session I made a pear and vanilla cake. There was a slight experimental edge to it and, with anticipation, I shared it with the YMCA residents today as we chatted about Accumul8 and its future.

Apple, cardamon and rosewater jam and other stuff…

Today, Sean, Garfield, Daniel and I spent the day making Linda Dagoor’s recipe for apple, cardamon and rosewater jam. We improvised a bit, chatted about foreign countries and started to plan for our first sale of the chutneys and jams on November 16th. We still need to get the branding done and also design the […]