Joan Vine is, according to my work colleague Jo Eaton, an avid jam maker, so thankyou Joan for your recipe for Accumul8 and carry on preserving (metaphorically speaking!)


3lb Plums

1pt Water

3lb Sugar


1 Wash the plums and cut in half. Do not remove the stones.

2 Put into a preserving pan with the water and simmer until the fruit is tender.

3 Test for pectin.

4 Add the sugar, stir until dissolved and bring to the boil.

5 Remove the stones as they rise to the surface.

6 Boil until setting point is reached.

7 Ladle into hot sterilized jars.


To test for setting put a saucer in the fridge and when you think it is ready put a small amount onto the cold saucer and leave it for a while to cool push it with your finger if it wrinkles it is sufficiently cooked.

If fruit is not very ripe stones can be removed before cooking.

A knob of butter dropped into the jam just before the end of the cooking helps remove the scum or skim it off,

To cover put a piece of waxed or greaseproof paper on top of the jam so it fits to create an airtight seal. Cover with a piece of cling film and screw on the lid.

Date and label the jars.

Recipe reproduced with kind permission of Joan Vine

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