Darius Malik and his wonderful talk to Accumul8


Darius Malik brilliantly gave his time to talk to the residents at the YMCA about his career, but most importantly, how he changed his life from being a serial offender, in prison from the age of 14 to 22, to a successful music manager. This talk came about after I emailed the mailing list from The Crouch End Festival and his PA, Olivia Rosen, responded.

This is the letter I wrote to Darius afterwards, it was a truly memorable talk and the residents and I learnt so much about overcoming adversity and making something of your life.

Dear Darius,

I want to personally thank you for the inspiring and motivating talk you gave to the residents at the North London YMCA Hostel about your personal journey.

Your ability and natural gift to capture an audience’s attention, connect with them and enable them to relate, understand and learn from your experiences meant that the residents related to you and your story and got such a lot from your talk.

The transitions you have made and the achievements you have realised are a testament to you as an individual and showed the audience that they too can overcome their own challenges through ambition, self belief and drive. The way you communicated this meant that everyone listened to you and could not fail to be inspired, your talk made such a difference to them and their lives and they all took something positive from it.

Thankyou again for giving your time and knowledge, it meant so much to everyone,

Best wishes,

Marice Cumber