Selling at a Christmas Craft Market

This Saturday, 6th December, we will be selling the full collection of the Accumul8 Preserves With A Purpose at The Crouch End Festival Christmas Craft Fair. It is the big craft fair for us, as it links directly to The Crouch End Festival, where I am a co-director, the local area and community and the bounty of creatives that live in this area – which are the foundations of Accumul8 and how it came about. It also is the craft fair that Accumul8 has been working towards as it is the major fundraising event for the Accumul8 exhibition in June (at The Crouch End Festival) and the Accumul8 creative workshops leading up to this.

So, hopefully, it will be extremely busy, with lots of people purchasing our preserves and a bounty of festive spirit bubbling enthusiastically from every crevice in the Hornsey Town Hall Square. Hope to see you there!

Merry christmas and happy new year. A poster on the christmas theme for your… Enjoy

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  1. Leila Cumber says:

    This enterprise deserves every success for helping those who need to get one foot up on the ladder to self-realisation.

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