Christmas Fair jam sells out

As the previous post described December 6th was the big craft fair and outing for the Accumul8 Preserves with a Purpose. This is the day of the Crouch End Festival Christmas Craft Fair, which builds on the festival’s main summer event and showcases the creativity and enterprise that exists amongst the local Crouch End community.

Accumul8 is part of The Crouch End Festival and is the “social value” project of this organisation. The festival provides support through marketing, promotion and the operational systems and structures of Accumul8. One way that the festival supports us is through ensuring that Accumul8 has a stall at their incredibly popular craft fair which takes place infront of Hornsey Town Hall.

In preparation for this major Accumul8 selling event, Levi, Soleyman, Shaun and I worked at break neck speed to create a bounty of new flavour jams that we could sell on the day. We took creativity at is best and conjured up new and sophisticated jam concoctions – Raspberry, Strawberry and Vanilla Jam, Pear and Peach Jam, Plum and Vanilla Jam, Pear and Vanilla Jam and Plum, Brandy and Toffee Jam – truly glorious!

photo 2 (6)

The start of raspberry, strawberry and vanilla jam

photo 3 (2)

Levi and Soleyman chopping up fruit for peach and pear jam

And, indeed, as we had hope for The Crouch End Festival Christmas Craft Fair was a fantastically successful selling event for Accumul8. We starting the day with a stall that looked full and plentiful with a vast selection of the Accumul8 Preserves with a Purpose (and with extra stock under the table).

photo 1 (7)

and finished the day with a very empty stall indeed!

photo 4 (2)

So much so, that we had practically nothing left to sell!. We had no idea that we would sell so many of our preserves on the day, that they would be so popular and so many people wanted to support Accumul8 through purchasing our products. People loved the new flavours and were amazed and surprised that they weren’t made by confiture connoisseurs but the residents at the local North London YMCA Hostel.

So now, it leaves me to say thank you to everyone for helping Accumul8 and helping to help young homeless people onto a new journey in their lives.
And of course,
Happy holidays and a happy new year!


Thanks to Amanda Carrara for this lovely photo of her Accumul8 Apple Pie Jam post craft fair breakfast!

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  1. Leila Cumber says:

    FANTASTIC EFFORT AND ENTERPRISE. If I am not for myself who will be for me, and if I am only for myself, what am I? The helpers and the helped are truly blessed.

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