People, plans and preserves.

Starting on the Accumul8 journey was a bit like most things I have done, just jump in and somehow you will learn to swim. Sometimes, impulse actions pay off, sometimes I pay for a long time afterwards.

Planning Accumul8 was a bit like the first “life” option and it has actually got to the stage it has through alot of support, help and generosity from people that believed in what I was trying to do and wanted to help – friends, colleagues, the Crouch End and wider community and family. This help stretched from my kids to the director of the college where I work. It wouldn’t and couldn’t of happened without them.

What is lovely is when people who I don’t know also want to give to Accumul8. And so now, this brings me to the lovely new Accumul8 labels which have been designed by the amazing Design Bridge folk who gave Accumul8 all of their time, brilliant creativity and expertise for free. These people have really changed the Accumul8 Preserves with a Purpose into a truly professional product that is as much at home at the local craft fair as it is on a Waitrose shelf.

So, here, – big drum roll, are the wonderful new Accumul8 jars of Preserves with a Purpose, and I can honestly say that I am bursting with pride. Thankyou Design Bridge for being so generous, wise and giving, – you have really made a huge difference to a little project in North London tasked with changing vulnerable people’s lives, and we truly love you for it xx

photo 1 (4)
Our newly designed labels on the world famous Accumul8 Apple, Rose Water and Cardamom jam

photo 2 (5)
Solomon, a resident at the North London YMCA hostel, being proud

photo 2 (3)
The amazing Design Bridge Team (plus their new creative director Shaun (aka Accumul8 / YMCA link person)

Our new best friends, Design Bridge

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  1. Leila Cumber says:

    Good on you for your strength and commitment to bring fulfilment to people who have had a raw deal in life. freckles

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