Fundraiser for Accumul8 – especially for Sci Fi Lovers

Stonewall Housing are having an Accumul8 Fundraiser “Nerdy Pub Quiz” to raise funds for their residents (from the LGBQT community) to attend next year’s Accumul8 photography project.

So what is so Nerdy about this Nerdy Pub Quiz?? What they mean is that you need to really know about, love and be obsessed by all things futuristic and sci-fi on film and telly and that is related to Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Tolkein or Doctor Who.

The Stonewall Housing Nerdy Quiz Accumul8 Fundraiser (what a mouthful!) is on 18th October, and is at Doggets Coat and Badge, the lovely pub just by Blackfriars Bridge. You can enter individually or in a team of 5 people and you can book your place here. Who knows –  you might even get to cuddle up with these folks…..

Star Trek Super Heroes

Star Trek Super Heroes








Here’s a list of the amazing prizes to be won at the Stonewall Nerdy Quiz:

For second place, there are the following prizes for the team:

  • Free entry to a Bar Wotever event

There will also be a raffle which will include:

More About Stonewall Housing:

Stonewall Housing is the specialist lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) housing advice and support provider in England. We provide housing support for LGBT people in their own homes, supported housing for young LGBT people, as well as free, confidential housing advice for LGBT people of all ages. We also research and lobby for LGBT housing rights, so that all LGBT people can feel safe and secure in their homes.