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The Prime Minister and Accumul8

A couple of weeks ago my mobile phone rang with the caller as “No Caller ID”, you sort of guess that it is going to be a sales call, but I made a decision to answer anyway. The caller said it was The Cabinet Office, yeah, right.

But it was, and they were calling me to tell me that my work for Accumul8 had been recognised as a “Point of Light” (the Prime Minister’s award for people that are doing good things in their community, for charity or social good). I had to keep the award quiet until 5th February when the official announcement would be made via Twitter – everything is so modern these days. And so I did, but let me tell you, the whole thing was mightily embarrassing for me, but great for Accumul8 to be acknowledged in such a way. Indeed February 5th 2015 was a very good day for Accumul8.

photo The Tweet about Accumul8 from the PM

photo (12) The letter from the Prime Minister congratulating me for setting up Accumul8 and the work it has done for the young, homeless people living at the North London YMCA Hostel.