The music studio at the hostel

The North London YMCA hostel have converted a space into a “creative hub”.  This is a self-contained flat which the residents have named The Penthouse as it’s on the top floor. In this space, creative activities take place such as drawing, cooking, baking and the Glamz beauty and make-up project.

They have also converted one room into a music studio. This became the setting for the Accumul8 workshop on music photography. This workshop had a really energetic and positively charged atmosphere, it was, as the saying goes, buzzing! Numerous residents came to play, sing, rap and perform their own work and the Accumul8 photographers recorded it all.

It is incredibly motivating to see the group’s confidence and communication levels rise, through instructing the musicians on how to pose, sharing and discussing their photos and talking about the experience. Even more so, as a journalist from a national paper was there to interview them, but more about that when it gets published…..

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