We have lift off!

This weekend was the culmination of alot of hard work, preparation and organisation – it was the first selling of Accumul8 chutneys and jams. So, off to market we went (well, a church hall actually). With the car all packed up with the fruits of our labours we were ready to face the world of commerce, start telling people about Accumul8, get them to taste our work and actually begin to sell our chutneys and jams.


– You can fit alot into an electric car!

And here is the Accumul8 stand at the point when it is about to stop being a plan and start being a commercial product that is on sale to the public.


Residents from the NLYMCA came to help and there was a real sense of pride in seeing their hard work turned into a desirable product that people wanted to buy.


It was really a very rewarding experience for everyone- the NLYMCA residents, the customers and myself! The local Lib Dem MP, Lynne Featherstone, came to visit and make a purchase (she was very taken with Shawn’s selling and promotion of Accumul8!),


and, to balance this, Catherine West, the Labour candidate for the area, also came along to support us. And lots of members of the public, apple givers, jam jar givers and lovers of chutney came to visit and purchase, united in helping Accumul8 to prosper and grow!

Thankyou to everyone who showed their enthusiasm, wanted to know more about Accumul8 and made a purchase. Every single penny goes to help the Accumul8 attendees fund the materials and equipment for an exhibition of their creative work at The Crouch End Festival in June 2014.

And, so, even though, it has been a tiring weekend, it has been a brilliant one for everyone involved with Accumul8. From little acorns…..