The season begins

So, after a summer break, it’s back to the Accumul8 jam and chutney production line. What’s even better this time round is we were successful in our crowdfunding activities via We Are Yimby and Harris and Hoole. We secured a whopping £800 in donations to help us on our way. Thank you to everyone who donated, it was very humbling to see how many people wanted to support Accumul8. The money raised meant that we could buy a lovely new kitchen equipment and new jam jars for this year’s batch of produce.

Here are Sofia and Sam proudly modelling one of the newly purchased aprons while peeling and chopping the apples donated by the community. And very fetching they look too!

photo 2 photo 1 (1)

The lovely people at We are Yimby even wrote Accumul8 a postcard as they also had reached one of their goals (slightly more than ours, but never mind….)

photo 4

Accumul8’s selling season will soon be in full swing with the lead up to the festive season and our aim is to double production and sales from last year. We have already started and may even have some good news to share in the not too distant future…..Meanwhile if you have apple trees and can spare any fruit then please do let us know as we need every piece going! And if you like drinking wine, then please support us via Bottle Apostle in Crouch End.

photo (9)

The Accumul8 wines on sale at Bottle Apostle. Every time one is bought, money goes to Accumul8.

And here is a lovely smiling face to end this blog piece on.

photo 5



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