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The Haringey Independent features Accumul8

The excitement grows at Accumul8 HQ as we get our first bit of press in the Haringey Independent.  Here it is! Chutney changes lives of homeless YMCA residents 12:10pm Tuesday 13th May 2014 in NewsBy Aime Williams, Reporter Shaun Ashley with lots of jam A new initiative is teaching residents at North London’s YMCA the art […]


A joyous day was had at Accumul8 HQ when we received the very welcome news that we had been awarded funding for the Accumul8 photography exhibition by Arts Council England. This is great news and means that we can pay for professional printing and framing of the residents’ photographs and even have some money left […]

Accumul8 Happy Snappers!

Sanchez Palmer and Robyn Slater from Ravensbourne have now become involved with Accumul8. Sanchez and Robyn are both digital photography students at the college and are keen to pass on their photographic skills and knowledge to the Accumul8 group of residents at the YMCA. In reverse, the Accumul8 project is giving them valuable skills and […]

Crouch End – helping to spread the community love

People in the local community of Crouch End are so supportive of Accumul8, from giving apples and fruit for the residents to make chutneys and jams, purchasing the product and giving their time to help the project succeed and reach its goals. Sometimes, you just need a “way in”, or a project that connects, to […]

Learning, doing and moving forward.

Just had some lovely news that I wanted to share. I work at Ravensbourne, which is a digital design and communication college based at North Greenwich (very interesting, I know!) and the lovely people at my college have offered free evening digital skills courses to the Accumul8 folk as a way of supporting the project. […]

What a week of Accumul8 wonder!

This past week has been a week of jam and chutney jubilation. Thanks to the lovely and kind generosity of Crop Drop (a local community organic fruit and veg box scheme) we were given a huge bucket load of quinces. Now, quince can be seen as problematic, but not in Accumul8 land. So, a hearty […]

The church and chutneys.

Once the North London YMCA residents took on the challenge of raising their own money for an exhibition of their creative work and decided that making and selling chutneys would be the answer, we needed to find a kitchen that would allow us weekly access and be supportive of what we wanted to do. The […]

We have lift off!

This weekend was the culmination of alot of hard work, preparation and organisation – it was the first selling of Accumul8 chutneys and jams. So, off to market we went (well, a church hall actually). With the car all packed up with the fruits of our labours we were ready to face the world of […]